Lens Calculator

Approximate horizontal angles of view with various CCD chip sizes (in degrees)
Focal length 1/3" 1/4"
2.0mm - 82
2.8mm 86 57
4.0mm 67 47
4.8mm 57 40
6.0mm 48 32
8.0mm 36 25
12mm 25 17
16mm 17 13
25mm 12 8
50mm 6 4


Sensor Size:


Focal Length:   3.6 mm
4.3 mm
6.0 mm

Distance:   Feet

Field of View: Width:


1) Select your future camera's sensor size. Most common size is 1/3 of an inch. In general, larger the sensor, better picture and night scene details it produces.

2) Select focal length of the lens. Most cameras list a single specific focal length unless they are vari-focal where focal length can be adjusted. You may also enter a custom focal length to test values for adjustment. Notice that units of scale are available in millimeters only.

3) Enter in feet or meters distance to the object under observation. Choose proper units for the entered value.

4) Press Calculate to receive width and height of the extent of the observable world with the given lens.

5) You may choose the units for field of view in feet or meters.

CCTV Lens Calculator