Become a Dealer/Reseller

To qualify for our special pricing your must engaged in one of the following:

  Sales or installation of security equipment  Computer Sales or related services
  Sales or Installation of Electronic Equipment  Locksmiths
  Access Control System  Private Security Company
  Security Department of private company  Government Agency
  Educational institute  

Please Follow These Steps:

1. Fill out this Dealer / Reseller Registration Form

2. If you are in Texas and qualify for sales tax exemption
a. Fill out the Texas Sales and Use Tax Certificate (Download Here)
b. Fax it to (281) 602-7743 or e-mail at: info@cctvfactory.com

3. Questions? Give us a call Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm CST.
    Tel: (832) 327-8880 or e-mail us at: info@cctvfactory.com

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We also ship to PR, Mexico, Canada and other countries
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System House
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