4Ch Video & 4Ch Audio Full Triplex MPEG4 Networking CCTV Security DVR with USB + 400GB HD

4Ch Video & 4Ch Audio Full Triplex MPEG4 Networking CCTV Security DVR with USB + 400GB HD


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System - Robust Embedded RTOS

Hardware MPEG4 Compression
Simultaneously operate of live, recording, playback, network, and copy
Displays up to 120 frames per second
Records up to 120 frames per second
Supporting remote multi-client
2 independent watchdog and power failure checkable
Automatic database recovery

Interface - Full function

4 cameras input
4 channels audio recording, two way Internet Audio
Ethernet (10/100Mbps), RS-232
3 USB 2.0 ports for USB mouse, system upgrade, video backup
5 IDE HDDs support (one for removable HDD, option)
VGA, S-video, Spot monitor output
PTZ camera control
Built-in CD-RW backup / optional DVR±RW upgrade


Operation - User-friendly

Motion detection with mouse click and drag for area setup
DVR GUI and client network viewer
Remote controller and USB mouse (not include) support
Digital Zoom 2X / 4X
Support of multi-language
Dynamic IP, DHCP support
Various backup methods: USB stick / extra HDD / DVD / CD

Internet Remote Viewer GUI



Specifications: (Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice)

Format: NTSC / EIA or PAL / CCIR
Compression: MPEG4
Input: 4 CH, BNC
Loop Output: 4 CH, BNC
Main Output: 1 CH, VGA (Analogue non-interlaced RGB, compatible with TFT LCD supports 50Hz mode in PAL) (option)
Spot Output: 1 CH, BNC
Input: 4CH, RCA
Output: 1 CH, RCA
360 x 240
120 fps
720 x 240 60 fps
720 x 480
30 fps
Resolution: 720x480 (NTSC), 720x576 (PAL)
Frame Rate: Max. 120 / 100 IPS (NTSC / PAL)
Division: Single, Sequence, Multiple (4,9,16), Digital Zoom x2, x4, Freeze
Resolution: 360x240, 720x240, 720x480 (NTSC), 360x288, 720x288, 720x576 (PAL)
Frame Rate: 120, 60, 30 IPS (NTSC), 100, 50, 25 IPS (PAL)
Quality: Superfine / Fine / Low
Mode: Manual / Schedule / Event (Motion detection / Video loss / Sensor)
Water Mark: Support
Basic Storage: 1 Removable HDD + 4 x 3.5" IDE HDD (Max. 500GB)
Requirement: 5400 ~ 7200RPM, 45MHz DMA, EIDE compatible, Faster than 9.0ms avg.
Input: 4 (NO / NC programmable)
Output: 4 Relays, 25 Pin D-SUB
Triggered Mode: Motion Detection, Video Loss, Sensor Input, Power Failure, HDD Error
Action: Recording, Relay Output, Sound Alert
Network: 10/100 Base Ethernet, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS
Backup Device: USB Stick (2.0) / CD-RW / External HDD (option)
PTZ Camera: Support (Up to 16 models)
Multi-Language: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian
Search Method: By Date, Time, Event, Block, File, Bookmark, Log File
Serial Connectors: USB 2.0 x3, RS-232C, RS-422 / RS-485
Power Supply: AC100!240V 50/60 Hz
Weight: Approx. 4 Kg (without HDD)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 90 x 425 mm (17 x 3.5 x 17) Inches
Operating Environment: 30~80% RH, 5°C ~ 45°C (41°F ~ 113°F)


1 R.HDD RACK: Removable HDD rack (Option: Built-in CD-RW)
2 USB port: USB 2.0 port to use a USB memory stick, Mouse or USB external devices
3 SPOT / ESC: Button to control spot monitor/ return to the previous menu
4 FUNCTION: Using this button when you select "USER" in Relay 4
5 AUTO / F / ( - ): Button to begin the auto sequence mode/ decrease the value/ focus in PTZ mode
6 FREEZE / F / ( + ): Button freeze image/ increase the value/ focus in PTZ mode
7 PTZ: Button to control PTZ camera
8 COPY (AF): Button to display the copy menu/ automatically focus in PTZ mode
9 SEARCH (PRESET): Button to display the search menu/ preset in PTZ mode
10 LV / PB: Button to convert the screen into real view mode or into playback mode
11 SLOW: Button to slow down the playback speed
12 FAST: Button to speed up the playback speed
13 DIRECTION: Button to change the direction of playback
14 PB / PAUSE: Button to start the playback. If press again, a still picture is displayed during playback
15 REC: Button to begin and stop recording
16 JOG SHUTTLE: To make easy search in playback and menu setup/ control the playback speed/ control the zoom of PTZ camera
17 LED Display: Display of the status of power (STANDBY), HDD (HDD) and network (RX / TX)
18 CHANNEL SELECT: Buttons to select the camera or input the password
19 MULTI: Multi-channel select button
20 ALARM RESET: Button to release the event signal/ move the left direction/ PAN left in PTZ mode
21 PIP: Button to control PIP function/ move to the lower direction/ TILT down in PTZ mode
22 STATUS/ ( HOME ): Button to enter the next step/ display the status/ return to home position in PTZ mode
23 D-ZOOM: Button to control the digital zoom/ move to the right direction/ PAN right in PTZ mode
24 MENU: Button to display the setup menu/ move to the upper direction/ TILT up in PTZ mode
1 CAMERA IN: BNC input ports for cameras
2 CAMERA OUT: BNC output (looping) ports for cameras
3 SPOT OUT: BNC output port for spot monitor
4 VIDEO OUT: BNC output port for the main monitor (Same as the RCA video output of the front panel)
5 AUDIO IN: RCA input ports for an audio signal(4CH Line input)
6 S-VIDEO OUT: Output port for the S-video output
7 AUDIO OUT: RCA output port for an audio signal
8 VGA OUT: Output port for the VGA monitor. This DVR is compatible with TFT LCD monitor in PAL mode.
9 SERIAL: Connector for debugging. This DVR can be controlled by the other device through this connector(RS-232C).
10 USB1 / USB2: USB 2.0 ports to use USB memory stick, Mouse or the external devices
11 TERM ON / OFF: Switch to use the terminal block connectors of RS-422 or RS-485
12 RS-422 / 485/T-ADJ/RELAY OUT: Terminal blocks of RS-422 or RS-485; Input and output terminal blocks for time synchronization among DVRs; 4 relay output terminal blocks
13 422 / 485: Switch to convert into RS-422 or RS-485
14 ALARM IN: Input terminal blocks for alarm signals
15 POWER IN: Socket for a 230/115VAC power cord
16 AUTOMATIC SWITCH: Automatic switch to select between 240V and 110V
17 POWER: Switch to turn the power on / off

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