16 Ch H.264 Hexaplex Network CCTV Security Digital Video Recorder with VGA and USB 240 fps

16 Ch H.264 Hexaplex Network CCTV Security Digital Video Recorder with VGA and USB 240 fps


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H.264 Hexaplex 16 Ch Network Digital Video Recorder

1 DVD-RW A DVD-RW drive is installed in the front bay (sold separately)
2 USB 2.0 The USB 2.0 port can be used to connect to numerous USB 2.0 backup devices.
3 EJECT Press EJECT button to open/close the DVD-RW drive
4 IR RECEIVER Infrared signal receiver for the IR remote controller. Do not block the receiver as a clear line of sight is required for proper operation.
5 MULTI (DISPLAY) This button is used to toggle between multiple display modes: 16, 13, 10, 9, 7, 6 and 4 channel split screen display modes.
6 NUMERIC BUTTON / CHANNEL SELECT (a) selects a specific channel number to be displayed in full screen
(b) enter the numeric  password when prompted
(c)  number 0 for audio function
7 PTZ / BOOKMARK (a) enter PTZ control mode
(b) creates a bookmark during playback mode
8 SLOW / IRIS CLOSE / PIC BY PIC (a) slow playback. Press this button repeatedly to toggle between 1/2 normal playback speed through 128 normal playback speed.
(b) control the iris close in PTZ mode
(c) control the playback picture by picture
9 PLAY / PAUSE (a) starts the playback of recorded data. By default, the playback starts from the earliest recording
(b) toggles between playback and pause mode
(c) zoom out (PTZ mode)
10 COPY / AUTO FOCUS (a) enters the copy menu screen
(b) switches the PTZ camera to auto focus mode in PTZ mode
11 DIRECTION (a) change the playback direction
(b) control the iris open in PTZ mode
(c) control the playback picture by picture
12 FAST / Z(+) (a) fast forward. Press this button repeatedly to toggle between 2X normal playback speed through 128X normal playback speed
(b) Zoom in (PTZ mode)
13 SEARCH / PRESET (a) enters the search menu screen
(b) sets the preset positions in PTZ mode
14 RECORD This button starts and stops the recording mode
15 STOP switches the Playback mode to LIVE mode
16 STATUS LED Displays the status of the DVR (standby), HDD read/write and network transmission
17 SPOT MONITOR / ESC (a) activates the spot monitor control
(b)returns to previous menu screen 
(c)exits from various function and menu screen
18 ENTER / STATUS / HOME (a) executes the selected function in the menu screen or enters the selected submenu
(b) accesses the status window from the main screen
(c) returns the PTZ camera to "home" mode in PTZ mode
(d) increases the digital zoom ration in zoom mode
19 ALARM RESET / LEFT DIRECTION BUTTON (a) resets the alarm buzzer
(b) left pans in PTZ mode
(c) navigates left in the menu screen
(d) moves the zoom box left in zoom mode
20 AUTOMATIC SEQUENCE / FOCUS OUT / DECREASE VALUE  / SECTION A (a) activates and deactivates the automatic channel sequence
(b) focuses out in PTZ mode
(c) decreases the value of a selection in the menu screen
(d) sets the starting point for loop playback in playback mode
21 MENU / UP DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (a) accesses the main menu screen
(b) titles up in PTZ mode
(c) navigates up in the menu screen
(d) moves the zoom box up in zoom mode
22 DIGITAL ZOOM / RIGHT DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (a) enters digital zoom mode
(b) pans right in PTZ mode
(c) navigates right in the menu screen
(d) moves the zoom box right in zoom mode
23 PIP / LOOP PLAYBACK CLEAR / DOWN DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (a) activates the picture-in-picture mode
(b)tilts down in PTZ mode
(c)navigates down in the menu screen
(d) moves the zoom box down in zoom mode
(e) clears the loop playback in playback mode
24 FREEZE / FOCUS IN / INCREASE VALUE / SECTION B (a) freezes the live screen
(b) focuses in PTZ mode
(c) increase the value of a selection in the menu screen
(d) sets the ending pint for loop playback in playback mode
25 FUNCTION Use with other buttons

1 VIDEO IN BNC input ports for cameras
2 VIDEO OUT BNC output port for the main monitor
3 SPOT BNC output port for spot monitor
4 AUDIO OUT RCA output port for an audio signal
5 AUDIO IN RCA input port for an audio signal
6 PS/2 PS/2 mouse connection port
7 VGA Output port for the VGA monitor
8 ETHERNET Port for 10/100Mbps Ethernet
9 SENSOR/RS-485/RELAY OUT Input terminal blocks for alarm signals/Terminal blocks of RS-485/Relay output terminal blocks
10 POWER IN Socket for DC 12V power adapter
11 POWER SWITCH Switch to turn the power on/off
  • H.264 compression for DVR recording and web transmission
  • Graphic OSD and mouse control (PS/2)
  • 16 channel DVR: 240FPS CIF recording
  • Control methods: front panel, PS/2 mouse, IR reomte controller, client viewer
  • Live display, record, backup, playback and network access at the same time
  • DVD writer (optional) and USB device backup
  • Remote view and manage through 16CH client software and IE browser
  • 1 channel audio recording and playback
  • Supports 2 SATA HDDs
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera control
  • Event triggered with e-mail notification
  • Motion detection with area selecting and sensitivity adjusting by each camera
  • Remote controller support
  • Email notification while event is happening
  • Control all functions of PTZ camera
  • TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, Dynamic IP network protocol
  • System auto recovery after power reconnected
  • Digital watermark proof
  • Manual / event / schedule recording
  • Multi-language OSD: English / Polish / Spanish / Russian / French / Turkish / German / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese

Internet Remote Viewer

  ►  Model Number : DVR9716
Resolutions: CIF 240 fps
FIELD 120 fps
FRAME 60 fps
Video System: NTSC/PAL auto detection
Video Input: 16CH BNC
Video Output: 1CH BNC or VGA
SPOT Output: 1CH BNC
Audio Input: 1CH RCA
Audio Output: 1CH RCA
Sensor: 16 inputs / 1 output
RS-485: Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera
Mouse: PS/2 mouse
IR Remote Controller: YES
HDD Support: SATA HDD x 2 (Max. 1TB EA)
DVD Writer: Optional
Display Division: 1,4,7,9, 10, 13, 16
Digital Zoom: 2X
Video Compression: H.264
Resolution: 720x480, 720x240, 360x240 (NTSC)720x576, 720x288, 360x288 (PAL)
Frame Rate: 60, 120, 240 (NTSC)50, 100, 200 (PAL)
Quality: Fine, Normal, Low
Record Mode: Manual, Schedule, Event (motion detection/sensor/video loss)
Pre-Alarm Recording: 0-5 seconds
Post-Alarm Recording: 0-60 seconds
Watermark Proof: YES
Search Mode: Calendar, Time, Event, Block, File, Bookmark
Backup Mode: DVD±RW / USB flash driver / Network
Network Compression: H.264
Software: 16CH client viewer / Internet Explorer
Firmware Update: USB 2.0 device / Network
Power Supply: DC 12V
Dimension (L×W×H): 16.93 × 14.17 × 2.76 inches 

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