LPix-ALPR SOLA-120 License Plate Capture Camera
LPix-ALPR SOLA-120 License Plate Capture CameraLPix-ALPR SOLA-120 License Plate Capture Camera

LPix-ALPR SOLA-120 License Plate Capture Camera


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  • Model: SOLA-120
  • TV Lines: Over 700TVL
  • Distance: up to 120ft
  • Speed Limit: 120MPH
  • Power Consumption: 24VAC
  • Best used for: High speed & Law enforcement application

  • We deliver a complete system design and solution.
  • Captures license plates in any lighting condition
  • Complete camera, DVR, and ALPR software
  • Developed & Engineered in the USA

  • Unlike in European and Asian countries, American license plates are not as ALPR and OCR friendly. There are hundreds of different designs with colorful backgrounds. License plate capture and recognition is a big challenge for LPR cameras and software created by overseas companies.

    Unlike other competitors who sell you a camera, CCTVFACTORY delivers a complete LPR solution.

    Compared to competitors who sell off-the-shelf products, we researched, developed, and manufactured LPix-Sola products right here in Houston, Texas. We know that results are critical, ease of installation is also important; LPix-Sola solution is fully customized for your application. Every LPix-Sola camera is assembled, pre-focused, and the DVRs are configured according to your specific requirements.



    1. What makes LPix-Sola camera so special?
      Any camera can capture a license plate in a perfectly controlled environment; even your camera phone can do that. But, how reliable is the picture quality in an environment where variables such as light, vehicle colors, and speed of vehicle are constantly changing? After years of testing, we developed LPix-Sola which can capture license plates in any lighting condition. LPix-Sola captures high contrast license plate images in both day and night. We are offering dealers a complete LPR solution including ALPR software; not just a camera.

    2. Why IR illumination is important during the day time?
      Sunlight can blind the camera and white out the plate. Sunlight provides over 1 kilowatt of irradiance per square meter. Of this energy, 445 watt is visible light, 527 watts is infrared radiation. LPix-Sola camera utilizes several layers of special filters to reduce the effect of sunlight and has built-in micro processor which drives a powerful IR array to create a controlled lighting condition. Micro processor based IR array delivers over 140 watts illumination with less than 4 watts power consumption.

    3. What about vehicle headlights at night?
      LPix-Sola can overcome sunlight during the day. Vehicle headlights are not a problem at all.

    4. What about heat?
      U.S. license plates have special IR reflective coating which makes it highly reflective to IR illumination. Infrared is a heat radiation; it can be a problem for a camera if not controlled properly. Most competitors are using big IR LEDs with mechanical parts like heat sink and fans to reduce the heat. LPix-Sola's IR array is so effective that 99.5% of the IR radiation is used on illumination but, not heating up the camera.

    5. What about the camera solution and frame rates?
      LPix-Sola delivers over 700TVL and 60 fields per second. U.S. license plates require at least 1000 pixels each character to be readable . LPix-Sola captures 411K pixels on each frame. It is more than enough to capture a license plate.

    6. What about distance?
      LPix-Sola offers two lens options: 5-50mm for 10 to 75 feet and 5-100mm for up to 120 feet.

    7. What about speed?
      With a powerful IR array, LPix-Sola can capture license plates at much higher shutter speeds up to 1/7000s at night. In theory, LPix-Sola can capture license plates up to 120MPH but, due to the speed limit of our local highway; we have only tested LPix-Sola just a little above the speed limit at 75MPH.

    8. What about the recording device (DVR)?
      Recording speed and recording quality is critical for the license plate application. We offer a complete line of DVRs including outdoor and weatherproof DVRs with an ALPR CPU Processor to work with LPix-Sola. Please contact us for all of the available options.

    9. What about the camera price?
      LPix-Sola is a special camera which is not as economical as a mass produced consumer grade camera. The production cost is much higher because most parts and components are specially engineered and custom made for LPix-Sola only. But, we can assure you that LPix-Sola is priced a lot less than other similar products on the market. Also, LPix-Sola offers the same technology which law enforcements are using; it is only a fraction of their cost.

    10. What's the difference between LPix-Sola and LPix-Sola-IP?
      They are almost the same, except LPix-Sola-IP has a built-in IP server which is required for LPix-LPR software.

    11. What is LPix-LPR software?
      LPix-LPR software detects vehicles, locates its license plate, captures, and OCRs the characters on the plate. Based on Intel Multiple core CPU technology, LPix-LPR software can fully utilize Intel CPU power to process images from multiple LPix-Sola cameras at the same time. LPix-LPR software is developed by CCTVFACTORY; we own the engine and interface. We can provide software integration on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

    12. What about other LPR cameras those range from $69 to $4000?
      Feel free to shop around; buy the $69 LPR camera and spend hours if not days trying to capture a license plate. You can also spend $4000 for a brand name camera which offers a nice label but, lower quality. When you call for tech support, they will say that your installation is wrong or the adjustment is off. Then they will tell you your DVR is of poor quality and cannot record the plate. LPix-Sola is offering dealers a complete LPR solution including design service, camera, DVR, and ALPR software; not just a camera. Every LPix-Sola is assembled, pre-focused, and tested according to your job requirements. Give us a call and our product specialist can provide a simple solution for the most complicated project.



    Almost everyone who sells LPR cameras emphasizes that their cameras can overcome vehicles' headlights at night. The truth is, it is easier to capture license plates at night than daytime. Ask them if they can overcome the extreme sunlight between sunrise and sunset when the strongest light in this world is shining.

    Extreme sunrise condition: When license plate is facing the rising sun. Most LPR cameras have white out problems.


    Competitor LPix-Sola

    LPix-Sola captures high contrast license plate in direct sunlight. No white out.

    Extreme sunset condition: When the license plate is in front of the sun. Most LPR cameras have back light problem. The sun shines powerful lights on the camera lens and creates a black out.
    Competitor LPix-Sola

    LPix-Sola captures high contrast license plate facing strong sunlight. No black out.
    What about a hot sunny day in Texas? The sun is right above the plate.

    Most license plate cameras on the market can capture gray fuzzy plates.
    Competitor LPix-Sola

    LPix-Sola captures license plate in black and white high contrast. License plates captured by LPix-Sola are more readable by both humans and ALPR software.

    Motion Blur: Most license plate cameras are using 1/250s shutter speed. They have trouble capturing a vehicle traveling at high speeds

    Competitor LPix-Sola

    LPix-Sola captures images at 1/2000 sec.

    Model: LPix-Sola LPix-Sola-IP
    Picture Elements: 811 x 508 811 x 508
    Resolutions: Over 700TVL Over 700TVL
    Video Output: NTSC Composite BNC / 75 ohm TCP/IP: ONVIF, RTSP.

    SOLA-75: 5-50mm,


    SOLA-75IP: 5-50mm,

    SOLA-120-IP: 5-100mm

    Minimum Illumination: 0.0 Lux 0.0 Lux
    Shutter Speed: 1/2000s 1/2000s
    Scanning Speed: 60 Fields / Second 60 Fields / Second
    Power Supply / Consumption: 24VAC / 500mA 24VAC / 500mA
    Operating Temperature: 5oF - 120oF 5oF - 120oF