GV-Wiegand Capture (Optional for customer who already has Wiegand compatible reader)

GV-Wiegand Capture (Optional for customer who already has Wiegand compatible reader)


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GV-Wiegand Capture (Optional for customer who already has Wiegand compatible reader)

GV-Wiegand Capture is a box device that can integrate your current Wiegand access control system into DVR systems manufactured by GeoVision. Through the GV-Wiegand Capture, the photo identification and text data from the access control can be easily combined on the video data from DVR. The GV-Wiegand Capture is ideal for access control, time and attendance, or authorized access management where video data is required. The security can use the higher security level of the combined video data for live monitoring during busy hours, and for recording during off-peak hours.




DB9 Female


Terminal Block




Input Signal

12V Voltage input / dry-connect input

High State

9~12V / close

Low State

0V / open


Relay Output


Relay Status

Normal Open

Relay Capacitance

3A / V AC125V, 1.5A / V AC250V

Relay ON Time


Relay OFF Time



Input Connector

12V, D0, D1, GND

Output Connector

12V, D0, D1, GND


Wiegand 26 Bits~40 Bits


DC 12V, 1A

Environmental Conditions

Operation Temperature

0°C~55°C / 32°F~104°F


5%~95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

120 x 68 x 26 mm / 4.72 x 2.68 x 1.02 in

System Hightlight

GeoVision Access Control System is an easy-to-use, video-integrated and network access control & monitoring solution suitable for home, small business and even multinational enterprises. The comprehensive management software package provides seamless integration with GeoVision DVR, NVR and IP products, which gives you easy access to both live and recorded video from any access events.

Badge & live video comparison to ease card holder verification Multi-door live video monitoring on important every points
Easy to use search interface with video & snapshot associated to each event Log overview to identify suspicious access
Video Integration System Diagram
Key Features
Easy to use management software
Management up to 255 GV access controllers
Seamless integration with GeoVision DVR/GV-NVR/GV-Compact DVR/GV-Video Server/GV-IP camera/3rd party IP camera
Detailed log information with corresponding video and     snapshot
GV-ASManagerReal-time door status monitoring; multiple live video matrix     support
 SMS or E-mail notification with user-defined content, video snapshot, and database photo
Comprehensive user/card management system
User-defined viewer layout and dual monitor support
Report exporting feature (Excel/Text/HTML)
Up to 256 configurable time zones and weekly schedules
Holiday planning for up to 14 months
GV-ASRemoteMultiple cards per user
 Up to 10,000 manageable access groups
4-level authorization set-up
Event-triggered recording
Support SQL server MDB
Remote status monitoring and door operation; live video and playback
GV-ASWebWeb UI for event log searching with corresponding video and snapshot